What is an Acne Needle and How Does It Work?


Since time immemorial, acne has been a problem by both men and women. While some research over the centuries point to several probable causes, no one can actually pinpoint one root cause why pimples and skin redness appears in teenagers.

However, there are now natural methods that can prevent pimples and maintain a fresh-looking skin. But what if a nasty, big pimple already appeared on your face? What should you do? Fortunately, aside from acne treatments there is also the pimple popping tool as well.

Yes, you heard that right. There is now an actual tool that is used as pimple extractor. How do you use it, and are there risks? Here are the answers:

  • Clean your face first. Don’t just pop your pimples right after arriving from work or school. Make sure you clean your face with mild soap and water to take away the dirt and pollution that usually stick to the skin.
  • Open the pores on your face. Opening the pores is important to make sure that all of the acne from the pimple would come out when you pop it. If you fail to do this, there may be remaining acne on your skin. In this case, the pimple would just reemerge after a few days.
  • Sterilise the area and your hands. Never touch your face without using a steriliser such as alcohol. Sterilise both hands – one that is holding the tool and one that is holding your facial skin.
  • Use the acne needle or pimple extractor. Finally, use the pimple extractor that you have bought. For blackheads, use a comedone extractor, while it is recommended that you use a sharp tool when piercing most pimples. There are also other acne tools like whitehead and blackhead removers. Make sure you buy from a trusted store to ensure their quality and safety.

These are just the simple steps in using a pimple extractor or popping tool. Indeed, a lot of acne solutions are appearing out of nowhere especially if you search the Web. But if you want to solve your pimple problem at once, the popping tool is a fast and easy option.

When using these acne needles, just remember that it is possible that the acne would be pushed further down below your skin, or even in other portions of your face. That is why it is important to sterilise the area before and after popping.

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