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Acne products promote their ability to “successfully manage” pimples and yet, acne remains a problem for a very large percentage of the population. What is not known is how Australian’s use acne products, and what they think about them.

Why should I be involved?

  • By responding to this survey, you will be helping me to better understand how these products are used.
  • You will be in the running to win one of 10 JB HiFi gift vouchers to the value of $25*

*Prizes will only be redeemable in Australia.

I am looking for volunteers to complete this five minute, online survey. You must be at least 16 years of age. I am not aware of any risks associated with completing the questionnaire.

Your responses will provide information which will be included in my trial results. The aim of this survey is try and understand how popular acne products are used in the “real world”, the “real life” experiences people have with these products, and to understand what might help you to better treat your acne symptoms.

The result of this national survey can be viewed on this website during the second half of 2013.

By clicking on the “Start now” button, you acknowledge that you understand what this survey is about and what the results will be used for; you consent to your responses being included in the data analysis and may be published. You must supply your email address if you wish to be entered into the draw to win a JB HiFi voucher; however, this will be stored separately to the survey data so you will not be identified by anyone, including the investigator.