Counting Down 4 Natural Acne Treatment Options You Can Try


Acne is a common problem that a lot of teenagers experience daily. The severity of these acne problems ranges from mild to serious cases wherein the individual’s confidence is greatly affected. In such cases, it is always nice to seek home remedies for acne to save up.

Of course there are commercial products that are sold in the market today, but most of them contain chemicals that may be harmful to the skin. Given all of these items and products, the best treatment for acne should still come from natural methods.

If you want to clear the pimple breakout on your face, here are some possible ways on how to cure pimples:

  • Use natural extracts – If you are looking for a natural acne treatment, you can always go back to nature. Some popular sources of treatment include lemon, cucumber, tea tree oil, honey and aloe vera.
  • Use baking soda – Unknown to many, baking soda is a very good cleansing agent that does contain harmful chemicals. In fact, some experts recommend using baking soda in treating certain wounds. For your pimples, the baking soda powder can take away any bacteria that cause the inflammation.
  • Use steam – When water reaches its boiling point, it generates steam. This warm air is perfect to open up the pores on your face. Once these pores open up, it would be easier to clean the dirt and bacteria that have been deposited below the skin surface.
  • Use egg whites – Egg whites are full of protein and they can take out the acne from your skin. They also help in rebuilding the skin and improve its appearance. That means you earn two benefits by using egg whites for your skin.

These are all natural ways to prevent acne from building up, resulting to pimples. But for those who are already suffering the consequences of their negligence, there are also a few acne scar treatment options to choose from. Some popular tips include applying oil that is rich in Vitamin E, steaming, and the use of lemon extracts.

If you think these options are still difficult to find, you may want to check out the upcoming research of Tamara Agnew, who took up her doctorate degree from the University of South Australia. Tamara aims to come up with an all natural prevention and treatment to acne without any side effects.